Socially Conscious Movies

Siden er under etablering. Velkommen tilbake.

Her er noen aktuelle temaer under denne gruppen:

  • Animal rights
  • Corruption (corporate influence, political corruption, religion,...)
  • Education (illiteracy,...)
  • Environmental issues (Pollution, Climate change, fracking, green energy, nuclear power,...)
  • Gender issues (equality, identity, voilence,...)
  • Governmental power (surveillance, free speech, separation of church and state, fascism,...)
  • Law and Order (War on drugs, capital punishment, reasons for crime, gun control, juvenile delinquency, police brutality, prison industrial complex, Terrorism, torture,...)
  • LGBT issues
  • Medical issues (Euthanasia, stem cell research, vaccines, gene modification, abortion,...)
  • Poverty (debt, social structure, homelessness, unemployment,...)
  • Slavery and oppression (child labor, sexual slavery, sweat shops, black market)
  • Substance abuse (Alcoholism & drug abuse)
  • Violence (Bullying, child abuse, rape, pedophilia, sexual harassment,...)
  • War (Drones, nuclear weapons, immigration,...)
  • Xenophobia (ismalophobia, casteism, racism, immigration,...)

Noen filmer:

  • City of God (Fernando Meirelles 20029
  • Children of Men (Alfonso Cuaron 2006)
  • The Company You Keep (Robert Redford 2012)
  • Snowden (Oliver Stone 2016)
  • War Dogs (Todd Phillips 2016)
  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (Kip Andersen 2014)